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Pupil Voice

Pupils are each born with wings…
…we just help them to fly.

At St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, it is important that children help to take a lead in their education; engage with it through their own curiosities and take ownership as they embrace each new challenge and achievement.

Head Boy & Head Girl

Head Boy

Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy

Deputy Head Girl

What do they do?

Our Head boy and head girl help to represent the school at events and when meeting visitors to the school. They are outstanding role-models for students at St. Joseph’s. They uphold our school pledge and help others to be guided by its statements, so that they too may flourish in their learning and growth at St. Joseph’s. They take on and share pupils’ ideas within the school so that their voice can be heard and represented alongside their team of fellow prefects.

Our Other Pupil Teams

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angels across the school help to welcome and support new members to the school.

School Council

Our School Council is made up of two elected representatives from each year group from year 2 to year 6 and includes our head boy and head girl.

The School Council gives children a voice and an opportunity to discuss ideas, issues and concerns that they may have.  It also enables them to get involved in a variety of activities and events, which affect our school and the wider community.

In recent years the School Council has run a walk to school campaign and were even invited to the Houses of Parliament! This year the School Council will be helping all of St Joseph’s become more eco friendly and begin to work towards gaining an ‘Eco Schools’ award.



Our prefects help support the running of our school with roles such as tour guides for visitors around the school; representing the school and upholding the Pledge to model behaviour and attitudes towards others.


Lunchtime Squad

Lunchtime Squad are a team of dedicated pupils who help lunchtime staff during the week. They show dedication to our school pledge by showing kindness and helping others.

Science Leaders


Science Leaders through the school, help to promote science learning through actions such as science competitions.

Digital Leaders

Each KS2 Class has Digital Leaders to form a Digital Hub. The leaders work alongside the Computing teachers to support Computing and Safety within the school.

St Josephs is a rich and diverse family. We speak 37 different languages across the school.

Children with EAL are both supported and challenged through interventions within class and additional help is targeted where needed.

Our Young Interpreters volunteer in Year 6. They apply for the role and then follow a short training  programme before being selected. 

The aim of the role is to:

  • support new arrivals to the school 
  • use their bi-lingual skills and experience to support communication between pupils
  • to develop empathy
  • to embrace culture
  • to be a good role model/ambassador for other pupils.