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Making a Complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, whether made orally or in writing. Resolving a complaint is easier when raised at the earliest opportunity. Complaints must follow the General Complaints Policy designed to protect both the rights of complainants and staffing in a confidential manner.

The complaints policy ensures staff members can address or try to put right a complaint against them. Usually, complaints are quickly resolved at school level; the school might change policy, or correct practice, and apologise where this is due.

Please give the complaints policy a chance to work; it will never have an adverse effect on a child, nor affect admission to secondary school. Governors will only deal with a complaint when all the school level stages have been exhausted.

The headteacher reports annually on complaints to the Local Governing Committee so that governors are informed of any trends and resulting changes to policy or procedures. A complaints panel would inform the governing body of any recommendations or changes to policy. This allows the Local Governing Committee to monitor the level of dissatisfaction and to know that the school is using the complaints procedures to satisfactorily resolve complaints.