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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

What is DB Primary?

DB Primary is our school’s ‘Virtual Learning Environment’. The VLE is a safe area on the internet for pupils, and members of our school community, to share information and access a wide range of learning resources, anytime, anywhere.

DB Primary is specifically designed to improve digital literacy standards for primary school children and support the teaching of online safety. Included are online activities for Maths, English and Computing, along with Forums, Blogs, shared spaces and creative online tools.

Please note that DB Primary does not filter the internet. You need to have your own internet firewall and parental controls set up.

Practical benefits for pupils

DB Primary will enable pupils to:

  • Access learning materials outside lesson time and from any
  • Store work and notes online for use in homework and revision
  •  Work at their own pace and with a wider choice of learning styles
  • Improve their ICT skills and online management
  • Participate in live discussions and forums with other students and

Practical benefits for parents & carers

DB Primary will enable parents and carers to:

  • Support children with learning which takes place outside school
  • Access their child’s personal home page to keep track of their work
    and the curriculum
  • Engage with wider school issues through online communication
  • Become active partners with the school